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The 12 Day Program is designed to learn the scriptures and more importantly apply the scriptures for the purpose of making disciples in becoming a disciple maker.

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Milestone 1
Introduction to the Bible
Milestone 2
Understanding the Bible
Milestone 3
Faith that is alive
Milestone 4
The need to repent
Milestone 5
Water Baptism
Milestone 6
Love one another
Milestone 7
Milestone 8
Milestone 9
The Importance of God’s Word (The Bible)
Milestone 10
The Church acting like the Biblical Church
Milestone 11
Taking Communion
Milestone 12
Biblical giving

Hey there,

We started FUEL Ministries in 2005 at a church in Southern California where we witnessed God change hundreds of men’s lives through this same FUEL study. FUEL stands for Focused Upon Eternal Living. FUEL Ministries exists to reach men that are caught in the bondage of habitual sin and long to be set free. We are here to encourage, equip and empower men to be all that God has called us to be and Focus Upon Eternal Living.

We are now serving thousands of men through our online FUEL Study. If you or someone you know is trapped in bad habits, persistent bad choices, and deep rooted issues, freedom is not only possible but promised.

What I discovered was the very Bible that I had read and believed had the power to change lives began to become relevant, and inspired in ways that allowed me to hear God’s voice again. The Bible became my blueprint and when I read it and applied the truths and principles to my life it started having effective results. The further along I came I was having more strength and renewed energy with those former temptations and distractions. And my appetite for living for God began to dominate my life.

I would challenge you to not only read the Bible scriptures in the 40 days study with us, but apply them to your life. I can promise you, well actually, God has already promised to change your whole life. The life you have been waiting for. The life that God designed for you to live. One of purpose, joy and excitement.

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Why the FUEL Discipleship Program?

    1. Introduction To The Bible: Start with a solid understanding of how the Bible is put together. From an overview of the Old Testament to the New Testament and how the books compiled.
    2. Understanding The Bible: As we read the Holy Scripture we expect to gain an understanding of what is written. Though it’s true that knowing the culture and history surrounding a passage will certainly enhance our understanding, it’s also true that even the novice can gain a basic understanding of the passage by faithfully asking three basic questions as he or she reads. Scripture should be read actively, not passively Try to imagine yourself in the role of the original writer and receivers and visualize their responses, etc.

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  1. Faith That Is Alive: In this lesson, we will look at what the Scripture says about faith and good works. For practice, look up Eph. 2:8-9. It speaks of faith being an integral part of our salvation. We’ll see what Living Faith is and what it’s results is in our lives. We’ll also see what faith by itself is called.
  2. The Need To Repent: In this lesson, we will look at a direct command, then at some clarifying Scripture about how to obey it “internally” not just “outwardly”.
  3. Water Baptism: In this lesson, we will look at the significance of being baptized in water and how it fits into the life of the obedient Christian. There are 3 types of baptism referred to in the New Testament. Each is said to be “into” something different and has a unique significance:
  4. Love One Another: In this lesson, we will see two commands regarding the necessity to love others. We will also look at a Biblical description of how God’s love in us is demonstrated to others.
  5. Prayer: In this study, we will see the importance of prayer and the pattern that Jesus gives when we pray. Prayer is a relationship of coming to God and sharing our heart with Him, and listening to Him as well.
  6. Witnessing: In reality, all persons are witnesses almost everyday of their lives for they tell, show, or demonstrate something to another. In today’s study, we will see the important role God has given us as witnesses for Him. He could have decided to use angels – but He didn’t! He lets us get in on the excitement!
  7. The Importance of God’s Word (The Bible):
  8. The Church Acting Like The Biblical Church: This lesson has to do with the church. The church is an organism, not primarily an organization. It is an organism that according to scripture, has two specific cords of relationship – one “horizontal” and one “vertical”. What are they?
  9. Communion: Why do Christians celebrate communion? Many do so because of tradition without understanding the real significance. Some religions teach it is necessary to be saved. Some teach that the elements actually become the literal flesh and blood of Christ. In our study, we will look at the Biblical teaching on communion to gain an understanding of the activity and the importance of our participating in it.

Biblical Giving: The subject of giving is a touchy one. Many times we encounter those soliciting or pressuring us to give which results in reactions, not well thought our Biblical responses. The purpose of this lesson is take a summary look at what the Scripture teaches about giving – it’s basis, motivation, and practice. As we approach this subject, it’s very important to remember that we cannot buy our way into God’s favor – He’s already favored (or “graced”) us by His mercy in redeeming us. This issue is not how can we manipulate God’s love or His activity in our life, the issue MUST be like everything else we’ve studied in this course: How can we honor and obey our Lord out of gratitude for what He’s done in, and for us?

Still, have questions? Seriously, give us a call or send us an email you’re freedom and transformation matters to us and we aren’t kidding. We would love to talk to you further and answer and questions that you might have.

Start today the 40 Day Journey and transform your life!

To Your New Life of Freedom,


Pastor Mick Catron
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